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Hematology is a rapidly advancing field of pathology that requires advanced instruments and techniques. The Hematology Department is staffed by a consultant hematologist as well as several staff technologists.

Routine Hematology

The CBC test is performed using 5-part Automated Hematology Analyzers and a 3-Part Semi-automated analyzer from Sysmex. These instruments flag any samples with suspected abnormalities, which are then double-checked by the pathologist. High-performance Liquid Chromatography technology is used to perform testing for hemoglobin disorders.




Clinical chemistry and Immunology are the backbones of any modern diagnostic lab

Lab uses top-tier automated analyzers from manufacturers of international repute. The Central Lab in Gujranwala is equipped with Siemens instruments including Dimension integrated LM 200, and ADVIA CENTAUR XP.




At the Department of Microbiology, Routine testing of urine, stool, and semen is done within two hours of specimen collection. Different types of clinical specimens are analyzed, microbes are diagnosed and different types of antibiotics are tested against them.




Medcare Lab blood bank is equipped with fully automated instruments and is being run 24-hours to serve patients at the earliest. Cross-matches are being performed and blood cell components are being made as requested by the doctor/physician.




Medcare Lab has excellence in Histopathology. Accurate reporting in time is the cornerstone of the department philosophy, with 95% of the biopsies reported within 6 days of registration.


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